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Thimerosal Content in Some US Licensed Vaccines

Brand Name
per 0.5 mL dose
Influenza: 2018/19 Formula Afluria Multi-dose vial Seqirus 0.01% 24.5 mcg
Afluria Quad Multi-dose vial Seqirus 0.01% 24.5 mcg
Flucelvax Quad Multi-dose vial Seqirus 0.01% 25 mcg
Flulaval Quad Multi-dose vial ID Biomedical 0.01% <25 mcg
Fluvirin Prefilled syringe Seqirus * ≤1 mcg *
Fluvirin Multi-dose vial Seqirus 0.01% 25 mcg
Fluzone Quad Multi-dose vial sanofi pasteur 0.01% 25 mcg
Japanese Encephalitis JE-Vax Single dose vial sanofi pasteur 0.007%
Meningococcal Menomune-ACYW135 Diluent for Multi-dose sanofi pasteur 0.01% 24.5
Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids adsorbed TDVAX Single dose vial MassBiologics * ≤0.3 mcg *

* This product should be considered equivalent to thimerosal-free products. This vaccine may contain trace amounts (<0.3 mcg) of mercury left after postproduction thimerosal removal; these amounts have no biological effect. JAMA 1999;282(18) and JAMA 2000;283(16).
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